Service: UML-driven Java and XML software engineering services

Java EE zone

A Webel zone dedicated to Java EE technology.

Webel specialises in model-based Enterprise Java web application development (including Java support for XML technologies and web services) with graphical Unified Modeling Language™ (UML™) support.

Webel employs the Java Persistence API (JPA) as the core database technology in combination with JPA-compliant object-relational database mapping technologies (EclipseLink and Hibernate) for relational database management systems (MySQL, Oracle DB), as well as in combination with the JPA-compliant pure-object database ObjectDB.

The powerful core JavaServer Faces (JSF) web user interface system and the PrimeFaces 3rd-party JSF GUI toolkit are used to create rich interactive web worksheets for Enterprise Java web applications from data and objects served from database via JPA and managed via mediating Enterprise Java Beans (EJBs) employing Expert System strategies:

For demonstrations and examples, please visit the tutorial presentations and demonstration videos of the GreenDesk web application for modelling and environmental compliance tracking of office buildings, developed by Webel for GreenSoft.


Java zone

Dr Darren says:

The Oracle and the Sun shine on Webel thanks to UML™-driven JavaTM !

Please find thoughout this site many of examples of JavaTM engineering projects and educational tips on JavaTM technologies, mostly from real-world Webel projects and usually with supporting Unified Modeling Language™ (UML™) diagrams. Check out the links below, as well as the Java keyword search to list every page on the site that involves Java. Now that's a large mug of very hot UML-driven Java !

UML zone

For information on Webel IT training courses and analysis services in advanced graphical UML™ and SysML™ please visit:

- Advanced UML and SysML training seminars and workshops

- Service: IT Training: Unified Modeling Language (UML), Systems Modeling Language (SysML), and UML-driven Java

This Webel IT Australia zone is dedicated to the graphical Unified Modeling Language™ (UML™), to UML™ education, and to applications of UML™ beyond model-driven software engineering to science, engineering, art, and much more.

Dr Darren, long time UML™ user and educator, says:

"The more I use the UML the more I believe in it's potential and importance as a lingua franca of information technology. I am a true UML advocate. It is, quite simply, one of the most important technologies in the history of humankind."

This is also the home of Dr Darren's powerful UML™ Parsing Analysis recipe for translating text documents into UML™ and SysML analysis models. And you'll find lots of examples of the applications of Systems Modeling Language™ (SysML™) to science and engineering problems.

Dr Darren is recognised as a leader in model-based engineering and graphical software and systems engineering technologies.

XML zone

A Webel zone dedicated to Extensible Markup Language (XML) and related technologies.

XML Schema Definition (XSD) language zone


A Webel zone dedicated to the XML Schema Definition (XSD) language and XML Schema technologies.

NeXML: a generative XML Schema with EMF Java bindings for the NeXus format

The content or the technology discussed here is HISTORICAL or ARCHIVAL

The NeXML project, based on work performed on the NeXus neutron science data format for the Bragg Institute, Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO) between 2006-2008, showcases some Unified Modeling Language™ (UML™), Java™, and XML Schema technologies employed by Webel:

2016: The NeXML project demo site - although now FROZEN - is still fully functional and very informative, with good examples
of EMF and dynamic XSD schema engineering served as a standalone JSP/XML/XSL-driven project zone LIVE on this server.

A comprehensive report on NeXML with abstract and PDF attachment is available here:

And there is a screencast movie of a presentation from the Meeting of the NeXus International Advisory Committee (NIAC), 2008: