Dr Darren Kelly's online Web Technologies résumé

Please click here to download a printable PDF version of a concise Web Technologies résumé version of the full career Curriculum Vitae of Dr Darren R. C. Kelly, proprietor of Webel IT, summarising his extensive professional experience as an expert consultant and developer in a wide range of web technologies - especially Drupal™-driven Content Management System (CMS) web sites.

This Drupal™ CMS-driven Web Technologies Résumé web page also offers many links to examples on this site and client sites, and descriptions of Webel services for web and internet:

An overview of some PHP-driven Drupal™ CMS sites developed by Webel is available online at:

- Service: Drupal-driven Content Management System (CMS) web sites by Webel

Good summaries of web-related technologies employed by Dr Darren and Webel are also available online at:

- Web and internet technologies

- Programming and scripting languages

- Computing and information technology skills

Other résumé and CV versions

For information on development of web applications using model-based software engineering and systems engineering using Enterprise Java, XML and graphical UML™ and SysML™ - as well as experience with semantic web technologies - please visit also this model-based engineering résumé version:

- Dr Darren Kelly's model-based software and systems engineering résumé

For a full-career biographical CV (intended as a reference only) please visit:

- Dr Darren Kelly's full-career Curriculum Vitae

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