Dr Darren Kelly's full-career Curriculum Vitae

This page presents - both as a PDF document download and in database-driven navigable online form - the complete, full-career "biographical" version of Dr Darren Kelly's Curriculum Vitae, including: high school and university studies and education: research in physics, applied mathematics and scientific computing; employment and consulting activities in science, engineering, IT and web development; experience in teaching, lecturing and IT training; and descriptions of some R&D projects.

This full-career CV version is intended as a reference only, NOT for assessment by potential clients or employers !
Please visit instead one of the dedicated, concise, résumé version links described below.
For a concise Model-Based Engineering résumé version - with a focus on use of database-driven Enterprise Java web application development technologies, W3C XML and XML Schema data modelling, model-driven development and software architecture using graphical Unified Modeling Language™ (UML™), systems analysis using Systems Modeling Language™ (SysML™), and promotion of these technologies through Webel IT training and online education - please visit:

For a concise Web Technologies résumé version - with a focus on Content Management System (CMS) web site development and web-related IT consultancy activities since 1999, including PHP-driven Drupal™-CMS since 2007 - please visit:

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Please click here to download a PDF version of the full career "biographical" meta-résumé of Dr Darren Kelly.

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The online Curriculum Vitae trail below serves also as a demonstration of structured data serving using Drupal CMS technology, with items linked to many examples of work with the technologies featured on this site. You may navigate this large meta-résumé trail using the previous/next navigation links (at the bottom of each page), or via the navigation tree menu in the left sidebar, or via the overview on the hyperlinked résumé index page.

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