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Webel - in operation in Australia since 2000 - is a Scientific IT Consultancy specialising in web application development, Content Management System (CMS) web sites, model-based software engineering and systems engineering using technologies such as:

Proprietor Dr Darren welcomes you to Webel IT Australia - the "Elements of the Web"

IT Training

Webel promotes graphical, model-based development and offers Advanced UML and SysML training seminars and workshops, and courses in model-based, UML-driven, Java software engineering and XML schema data engineering.

Dr Darren is recognised as a leader in graphical software and systems engineering technologies and worked as an expert consultant on MagicDraw UML and the MD SysML Plugin.

The Doctor is in the Webel IT Australia house and available for hire

Just phone +61 (2) 9386 0090 or email Webel consultant Dr Darren in Bondi, Sydney, Australia, to ask about Webel's services for UML™-driven graphical software engineering with Java™ and XML, expert domain and requirements modelling with UML™ Parsing Analysis, graphical systems engineering with SysML, and custom data analysis. Webel also offers PHP-driven Drupal™ Content Management System (CMS) web sites, as well as audio, video, and media services, and unique Pure Data real-time audio and video synthesis services. (That's Dr Darren left working from his Webel office day and night.)

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UML zone

For information on Webel IT training courses and analysis services in advanced graphical UML™ and SysML™ please visit:

- Advanced UML and SysML training seminars and workshops

- Service: IT Training: Unified Modeling Language (UML), Systems Modeling Language (SysML), and UML-driven Java

This Webel IT Australia zone is dedicated to the graphical Unified Modeling Language™ (UML™), to UML™ education, and to applications of UML™ beyond model-driven software engineering to science, engineering, art, and much more.

Dr Darren, long time UML™ user and educator, says:

"The more I use the UML the more I believe in it's potential and importance as a lingua franca of information technology. I am a true UML advocate. It is, quite simply, one of the most important technologies in the history of humankind."

This is also the home of Dr Darren's powerful UML™ Parsing Analysis recipe for translating text documents into UML™ and SysML analysis models. And you'll find lots of examples of the applications of Systems Modeling Language™ (SysML™) to science and engineering problems.

Dr Darren is recognised as a leader in model-based engineering and graphical software and systems engineering technologies.
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